Ah the irony….Beanie Sigel and Freeway spitting over a beat by that guy who needs to come out the closet because his silk shirts open aint cool…..aka Kanye West. But cool enough to spit hot fire over, eh?

Seriously though, I hope Beans and ‘Ye resolve their issues (perhaps with a lucid and sincere apology, Beans?) because Beans is an amazing artist (Just Blaze’s “Bread and Butter”=genius) and his boss’ latest whim (“it’s just a hobby, ain’t nothing else to do”) has pretty much bumped his project to Nev’uary 2008. (more on that later).

Click here to listen to Beans and Freeway’s “Cant Tell Me Nothing” remix, dirty version.


PS: big up to my homie Young Sav at Topline, Im hearing that Hov is grooming you for big things ; ) Go Kendall!