There may be more famous and more exciting power couples in the hip hop hemisphere…but my vote for purely best looking goes to ASAP Rocky and his supermodel girlfriend Chanel Iman. Just look at these cheekbones! For all the stereotypes about haughty snotty models, and all the stereotypes about surly asshole rappers…in all my experiences, Chanel and Rocky have been the total opposite. If you’ve watched the recent Noisey documentary about Rocky, you can see some of the endearing personality I’m talking about. And as for Chanel…I remember this one time when Rocky excited introduced me to her as “his other favorite woman” and she never turned up her nose or gave me the side-eye. She was very warm and sweet. Months later, Rocky had to do a string of interviews for the BET Awards in LA, I noticed Chanel sitting in the hallway, on the floor, very content, just waiting for her BF for over an hour…like she wasn’t one of the most photographed women in fashion. Kind of amazing.

Anyways, it was only a matter of time for these two to end up with their own Vogue Magazine editorial…and I can see them as cover subjects too. Fashion fan Fucci posted scans of their Vogue September 2014 shoot, spotted on Complex Style Channel.


Truthfully, I think Rocky and Chanel were slightly mis-used here with the whole windswept Dust Bowl jook joint party for two in the middle of the day, broadway revival of Dirty Dancing shtick. Leave it to fashion editors to overcomplicate things. At least those tone-deaf fashionistas didn’t do some kind of inappropriate Peter Beard safari theme. I would have loved some kind of Kubrick Space Odyssey futurism theme. Or fur-clad Mount Everest climb! Ok, I’m going offtrack. These photos are very pretty. The clothes are very flowy. But this is still my favorite Rocky x Chanel pic so far.

Asap Rocky and Chanel Iman at Jeremy Scott 2013
(Chanel Iman and ASAP Rocky at the 2013 Jeremy Scott fashion show)

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