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(Joe Budden and Esther Baxter during happier times.)

In the interest of allowing Joe Budden’s ex-girlfriend Esther Baxter her right to respond, here is her response to the allegations made in Joe’s confessional song “Ordinary Love S–t Part 3” last week…. Along with Joe’s phone call with Funkmaster Flex last night.

Along with the audio, we’ve also provided a recap of their points.
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The elephant in the room (which Joe touches on in his audio) is the fact that Bossip also posted, along with the interview and photos of Esther’s alleged bruises, some very graphic photo evidence of her miscarriage. While injury allegations might be bolstered by photos, the claim of a miscarriage has not been disputed by Joe nor Esther. So there is no purpose for those photos beyond shock value. I think the overall absence of fact-checking on celebrity blogs is generally the most problematic trend. But in terms of a specific post, this is a disturbing development. I addressed this on the Celebrity Drama Report (audio at bottom of page).

If you are trying to “pick a side” here, the difficulty is this: 1) Joe alleges infidelity on his song. 2) Esther alleges domestic violence in her interview and initiated police intervention. She claims the incident caused a miscarriage. 3) Joe alleges he did not hit her and that the police report only reflected her story and was later dropped. 4) Esther tweeted that Bossip posted photos of her miscarriage without her permission. 5) Bossip tweeted that Esther asked them to post the photos (*that tweet has since been deleted). 6) Joe believes the photos could only have come from Esther.
(*perhaps an email chain showing Esther’s request would answer those questions.)

Esther Baxter’s interview with Bossip:

-she hasn’t listened to Joe’s song, just heard the aftermath of it
-wasn’t aware he had a history of abuse until they were living together
-says she never cheated on Joe [in reference to Joe’s claim that she had an affair with NFL player Derrick Ward].
-blames her second miscarriage on a physical argument. She says she criticized his interactions with women on Twitter—and he ended up choking her and throwing her on the floor on her stomach. She called the police then went to hospital, and found out she lost her unborn daughter.
-she dropped all charges against him to avoid it going public, but the song ruined that so she now wants everyone to know the truth
-they aren’t together now, ever since it got physical and she lost daughter
-she isn’t pregnant and hasn’t been since the miscarriage
-a doctor diagnosed him, but she thinks he has serious issues and needs help
-her lesson learned is to dig more into a person’s past for preventable issues
-that was the first and last time he abused her, she never saw it coming
-advice to women in same situation is just to get out
-thinks he has no regret or shows no remorse
-she was embarrassed and traumatized by his releasing his song to the public

Joe Budden’s interview with Funk Flex:
Part 1:

Part 2:

-Joe says all his music plays out like one long confessional, always public because his relationships are—and that this process is therapeutic for him
-tried to keep it quiet because she was, and it was destroying him. “you can’t just let a mutt be a mutt and not let anybody know that a mutt is a mutt”
-he says she’s continuously lying, she even lied saying she didn’t give Bossip the controversial photos of her and her miscarriage
-Joe claims he never hit her and wouldn’t do such a thing
-he says if it were true, why would she then come back to him?
-the song came 3 weeks after it happened
-Joe says he caught Esther in a lie by talking with Derrick on Twitter
-after 5 years with [former girlfriend Tahiry] and their break-up, this is really easy to go through—but his relationship with Esther was great when it was great and he did love her
-calls her an opportunist
-realized she was cheating when she had a lot of excuses as to why she couldn’t Skype him when out of town, he called the hotel and they never heard of her
-doesn’t care it’s public because he has nothing to hide
-she texted him those photos, he called them nonsense and said they’re altered
-claims if he hurt her she’d be in the ER, it’d be more than make-up on her stomach and neck
-feels bad for Chris Brown because he really went through it, so he apologized for mocking him on Twitter
-hasn’t talked to Derrick in person, just on Twitter once he heard the song and realized Esther’s lies
-says women who date rapper should be aware they can rap about you
-thinks the worst part is the photos: “I thought it was tasteless to put those pictures out there, those fetus pictures she put out there, I thought that was really tasteless.”
-says the court documents are misconstrued because they’re just her words from when she went to the precinct
-she held hands with him in court to drop those charges

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