Comedian Amy Schumer is having a particularly no-f*cks-given week and deserves to be saluted for that. On Tuesday night, she managed to both upstage Kanye and Kim Kardashian by fake-falling in front of them on the Time 100 gala red carpet, and simultaneously reveal their total composed lack of consideration for the lesser beings who unfortunately share this planet. GOTCHA, Kimye! I mean just look at the complete lack of reaction.

According to Amy, she asked her publicist if she could pretend to faceplant in from of them, and the publicist said…”well, I can’t stop you.” That’s a green light.

But while Schumer was flopping in front of Yeezy, her Comedy Central sketch comedy series, Inside Amy Schumer, was jumping off season 2…the two highlights being: 1) a catchy music video (co-starring Amber Rose and Method Man) about what America’s butt obsession really ignores. And 2) an incredible parody (co-starring Josh Charles of The Good Wife) of Friday Night Lights which addresses football’s rape culture. Ooof!


Watch both skits below…


“Milk Milk Lemonade” starring Amy Schumer, Amber Rose, and Method Man:

“This is what you think is hot? This is what you think is hot? Talkin’ bout my fudge machine….”

“Football Town Nights” starring Amy Schumer and Josh Charles:

“Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Don’t Rape!”

Having cringe-laughed through her fearless standup on numerous roasts, I might just have to make Inside Amy Schumer a regular watch.

Bonus: this skit featuring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tina Fey and Patricia Arquette was amazing

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