Drake: “This is the best interview I’ve ever done in my entire life.

I can see why. Nardwuar brings Drake and 40 down memory lane with plenty of props in this hilarious and bizarro chat session.

They talk about Drake’s habit of collecting fans’ bras:
D:I put the biggest breast’s bras on my mic stand. I try to showcase the fact that women with a full chest that’s nothing to be ashamed of, you shouldnt get them reduced, they’re beautiful….I have an entire trunk of 400 or 500 bras in this trunk, its a black trunk. I carry it with me on the road. Its pretty much every bra I’ve ever gotten.

And it gets even better!….read details after the jump

Nardwuar starts pulling out a treasure trove of goodies. Big L and Little Brother LPs, Michie Mee and Kid Rock trading cards. Even a vintage Coffey soundtrack LP:
D:When I first discovered what masturbation was, I used to jerk off to Pam Grier. (N: And now we have Cherokee) Oh wow, I don’t know. That’s who the internet has. It’s amazing that you said that.

Then Nardwuar pulls out an Al Green LP featuring Drake’s own family members!:
D: My Uncle, Willie Mitchell, he would be the producer, and he would be the engineer too, so he’s [like] 40….and (Al Green guitar player) Teenie Hodges is my relation, he’s a very close uncle…

Then Nardwuar pulls out Drake’s other uncle’s work, Larry Graham of Graham Central Station! WTF! How many brothers did Drake’s Mom and Dad have?! And how did they pool together so much musical genetic talent?!

But the episode is topped off when Nard pulls out the elusive “f–king red leather jacket with the zippers” for him and Drake to rock, completely non-ironically. I love seeing the unjaded glee of both Drake and 40, lol. And big up to my coworker Peter Rosenberg for his part in bringing these guys together. Very cool.