Ahead of the release of their remix album Reduxer next month, alt-J recently teased out two hip-hop-infused tracks: a reworked version of “Deadcrush” featuring Danny Brown, The Alchemist and Trooko; and an “In Cold Blood” remix featuring Pusha T and Twin Shadow. Today, the English rock band have released an accompanying video for the latter, which places King Push in a 3D world that looks like Minecraft on mushrooms [insert brick-based pun here].

Watch below…

“Pusha and alt-J have two completely different styles and coloring them together makes for an interesting sound,” said the video’s director Osean. “Instead of representing the two more so as a person to person, I decided to represent them as more person to experience, or person to land. The way Pusha is acting in the video is the same way I feel he acted in the song. He flows through the song as his experience in someone else’s world trying to find his place. And so in the video during the Alt-J part, I wanted Pusha to basically experience alt-J the experience.”

alt-J’s Reduxer drops September 28.

Here’s the aforementioned Danny Brown x The Alchemist x Trooko remix:

[Rolling Stone]

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