Here is Jha Jha’s version of the song, “Lights Go Out.” Recorded at Bob Perry Studio (Bob Perry is the A&R of Koch Records) in March.


And here is Foxy Brown’s new song, “When the Lights Go Out,” which Jha Jha heard from an email blast that went out last week….Also recorded by Bob Perry.


What a coink-i-dink. Well apparently, this Bob Perry fellow just gave Foxy Jha Jha’s song and they pretty much copied it to a tee….well, with a few more na-na’s thrown in.

Ok, ok. Alot more na-na’s…..

Fine. Like a million more na-na’s!

But the point is…that’s not good business.

Which reminds me of another really interesting post I read on the Scratch Magazine blog via XXLMag…..

Jay-Z and Jermaine Dupri’s “Fallin'” vs. Ski Beats’ “Ballin'”….

humpf, that’s weird.