I’m eagerly awaiting the audio from Thisis50’s interviews with Alfamega and Big Kuntry King later today….but in the meantime, inbetweentime, Alfamega waxes philosphical on this week’s Dirty Award brawl with the homie Shaheem at MTVNews….

“God’s honest truth, for real, we came in there feeling good,” Mega said about his camp’s demeanor at the Dirty Awards. “If you [look] at the beginning of the videotapes, it will show we didn’t come on no hostility. When the disrespect started coming, we was eating it, then it got blatantly out of hand. That’s when it all happened.”

Alfamega goes on to say that he and his crew were not antagonizing Shawty Lo during his performance, refuting Lo’s claims that that’s what made him perform the anti-T.I. song “Don’t I.”

“I think [Lo] feels like he ain’t getting his just due. I can understand, but God will give you blessings, and your blessings might not as be as big as the next man. Be thankful for what you got.

“What happened with me — Tip had nothing to do with that,” Alfa added, now going into what led to the night’s second incident. “It just happened. They was performing the song, I was like, ‘Let’s have fun.’ I start dancing. I’m feeling good. That’s my boy, Yung L.A., he made it. I get on top of the table, Shawty gets on the table. Shawty fakes like he’s gonna throw a drink on me. By then I stepped down.”

“I could have made a move. I could have jumped from one table to the next,…. I seen three or four more dudes like they gonna do me bodily harm. My first reaction — me being who I am, I am a funny dude, but hey, I can wake up — was to smack the dude. I didn’t punch him, I smacked him. I swung on the other dudes, they started swinging. Grand Hustle didn’t have nothing to do with that situation. It was on Alfamega.”


“I embarrassed, y’all,” he said. “Certain people were subjected to the pepper spray. By them trying to spray me, that lingering fumes got other people. I’m embarrassed by the whole situation.”

Aww. This guy is so huggable.

PS:….um, can you be knocked unconscious with an open hand?? (Would a Maino vs Alfamega friendly smackfest count as MMA?)