50 proof 2

So we’ve heard some new 50 Cent and G-unit leaks over the past week….There was today’s “Paperchasers” song (props to Youheardthatnew), and earlier this week there was the Fat Joe diss-song “I’m Leaving” and 50’s American Idol audition “Bottom Girl.” (lol, I keeeed, I keeed….in fact, Ryan Leslie uses a synth to help his vocals, but I think 50 is actually straight singing that hook.)

Now what is all these new music about? On Monday morning, 50 is dropping a new G-unit mixtape, called “Return of the Bodysnatchers“…..and he’s giving it away for free. You’ll be able to download the entire thing on Thisis50.com . The regular hard copy will be released the following week, along with a DVD of last summer’s “5-Borough” tour.

More than any other “mainstream marquee” artist, 50 seems to be using the web as his new home. And I keep hearing rumors that his entire staff no longer work for G-unit Records. They work for Thisis50.com.

Its like he’s not even signed to Interscope or something. Hmmm……

But one last thing…..who’s missing from this mixtape cover?

More on that soon ; )


[audio:50 paper chaser.mp3]

“I’m Leaving”
[audio:01 I am Leaving_Dirty.mp3]

“Bottom Girl” (“Diamond Girl” remix)