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It’s difficult to listen to Cam’s tribute to Huddy Combs, his lifelong friend, and friend to so many others who came up in Harlem. But I’m thankful he sent these memories over this morning. And I’m very thankful that Cam is pouring his grief into the music that he and Hud built their lives on.

Rest in Peace: Cam’ron “Tribute to Hud 6”

“Huddy is harlem.”

This the 30-year story, doggy, of two swingers that took the 6 train to Canal to get two-fingers and rope chains, at 13 poppin’ bubb, the youngest youngest ever to be in the Cotton Club…not even gonna start to lie, my body cold, no heart in side. Damn, my other part done died. ya’ll should run when I start to cry…

after the jump…video footage from Hud’s wake, as well as a tribute video from former Harlem World member Meeno

“145 and St. Nick, I’m there for Blood wake, 13 years later back here for Hud wake, can’t lie my mind is in a bugged state, feel like Radio Raheem, love hate….Where is Betha at, I’m like f—k Mase.”

When Hud’s car crashed,damn I’m like not again. he invented words like ‘curve’ and ‘poppington.’ What up Tintin aka 6man, you know your family can lean on me like a kickstand.”

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(I didn’t get to bring my flowers and condolences personally to the funeral, and it hurt my heart. I hope they added to the extravagance of his tribute. I loved this photo of another flower display because it was just like Huddy would have wanted it.)
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(a photo from outside Huddy’s wake, taken by friend Whitney G. Benta, whose family runs the legendary Benta Funeral Home in Harlem…Cam thanks Harlem in the song for the biggest wake since Christopher Wallace.)

While there were reports that some over-anxious club promoters were doing parties in Huddy’s honor without benefit of his family, I don’t believe that there was malicious intent. Hud was such a mainstay in the club world, maybe they just wanted to remember their friend. However, on Tuesday (tomorrow) at Quo, I hear a more respectful celebration is planned that will raise money for the kids that Huddy leaves behind. So please go support that.

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UPDATE: Meeno, Huddy’s former Harlem World group member, also recorded a tribute song and video