The past week, the team has been absolutely consumed with music music music (and ghosts with six-packs). But we also love movies and tv (and food). I just landed back in NYC this morning and I’m already jonesing to catch up on my Game of Thrones episodes and I cant wait to see Avengers. But before we get back to downloading all the goodies that we collected out at Coachella…here’s just a short clip for all my fellow sci-fi pop culture junkies. It’s a viral video for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, the Alien prequel, where we meet David, the mass-produced robot “friend” played by Michael Fassbender. So creepy! Even creepier than sex-addict Fassbender! (also crepe-ier, skintone-wise)

Needless to say, it was a good week for artificial intelligence.

I wonder how Fassbender hunko-robot will compare to the classic Jude Law hunko-robot from A.I. Remember him? Sometimes I feel like Will I. Am got his whole steeze from Jude Law robot….
Lets compare…
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Jude Law robot, A.I.

Will-i-am robot, MTV Video Music Awards (and pretty much all the time)

Am I right?
Back to the topic of Prometheus….here are also some super cool posters of vehicles in the movie.


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