Yuna Peforms “Lullabies” in Brooklyn

These days, it’s tough to find vocalists that you won’t forget as soon as the next Rick Ross video drops. We’re over exposed to music and it doesn’t look like the overload will let up any time soon. So it’s a real treat when the crew comes across a singer that we’re impressed by. A few weeks ago we introduced you to Yuna (by way of Fader),  a souful Malaysian singer/songwriter that caught the attention of Pharrell… and Gabz! Like many of you, we fell in love with her soothing voice, which meshed so well over the vintage-sounding Pharrell beat of “Live Your Life.”

Last night, we got to witness Yuna’s incredible talent, first hand. From Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn, this newcomer blew us away with her live songs. Check out what we saw above.

(Special thanks to the Fader/Cornerstone family for putting this together)

Pharrell introduces Yuna and more footage of her performance after the jump…

Pharrell introduces Yuna

Yuna performs “Islands”

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