honestly….I acknowledge that Charles Hamilton was greasy with his verses (insinuating that he slept with the girl or something…I didnt really understand their dynamic because she picked him up from the airport, right?)……but….in this situation, I give Charles credit, yes, I said, credit for not retaliating with physical violence after she punches him in the mouth.

PS: some folks, especially some overly-indignant women, aren’t reading with comprehension so let me re=clarify this:
“CH is no hero to me. He acts like a douche. But that said….I’m glad he didn’t punch back.”
Words are words. His were foul. Physical violence is another thing.

UPDATE: Thanks to my girl Karen Civil for reminding me where I knew that woman’s face! That is Mary J. Blige’s step-daughter Briana Latrise Issacs. She’s actually a talented photographer/artsy-type. Maybe she made a bit of a character mis-judgement with CH, but that’s a human-misstep that we all make at one time or another.

UPDATE 2: Eskay points out that Charles Hamilton has posted this very video on his own blog and says that Briana is his assistant. Hmm.

UPDATE 3: My twitter pal DirtySoufYankee sent over a link to Briana’s blog with all the posts tagged “Charles Hamilton” and there are some veiled and unveiled terms about her struggles with her “boss.” Even hinting that she and CH have a baby? I can’t keep up anymore.

UPDATE 4.1: DDotOmen sent over a special MissInfo.tv edit of his phoner with Briana Latrise.  Thanks Ddot!

Click here to listen.

“…I’m still helping Charles with his career. That’s the craziest shit about our relationship, I decked him last night but we had breakfast this morning…I felt bad, I felt like the bitch. Like I was wrong for decking him….”

UPDATE 5: Wow….DirtySoufYankee compiled all of Briana’s posts about Charles Hamilton for a very vivid view of their relationship (well, her side of it anyway)….read the diary entries on the following page


Charles and Briana go on video to make up. Charles apologizes for putting out their personal biz. Briana apologizes for getting violent. And they see lovey dovey….wow, they make it seem so simple. Watch the video after the jump…

Briana’s personal blog excerpts:
May 10th she wrote:

Plus brunch wit my dad at 12:30. That should be “fun”… great. If he says some smart ass shit like happy mother’s day in front of the rest of the family… I’m gonna be pissed. I’ll probably just leave. I can’t take that kind of b.s. right now.”

May 6th (all of the following posts):

“He probably just feels bad for me since certain people in this colossally tiny industry have been laughing and joking about my poor decision making skills and what seems to have been temporarily bad judgment. Its whatever though. He’s really good folks and we were kinda talkin before I left for NY anyway so we’re just pickin up where we left off. Screw skippin a beat. I’m still young and before this kid comes (should this kid come) I need to enjoy myself.”

“”Bastards Breed Bastards”

I write a little better now

I guess with all that’s happened
So much to complain about,
There’s so much pain and doubt

I saw all the signs
I didn’t want to believe
That I had been deceived

I knew I needed out
But I was lost in the dark
Looking for a spark

I should have left him alone
Now I’m just pregnant and poor,
Homeless, hurt and more

He’s happy on his high horse, searching for his next “whore”.


“hat you inspired me

To get on my knees
And pray to Jesus:
Help me please
This man is not worth my time
But maybe a rhyme
Just to free my mind
Of him and all his little lies
Lord he makes me sick
I see red when I look at him
Please help me calm down
I just want to kill him
How could he help me
Get into this mess
Then leave me here
Alone in distress
This is his baby too
So what I am to do
I can’t have him around
I don’t trust him
But I can’t do this one alone
I wish it was him
Sittin on a plane
Going insane
Feeling nauseated and lost
Afraid and ashamed
But he just sits there at his computer
Twittering away
Sending messages
Still lying
This isn’t fair
And I wish him no harm but
I hope he knows
That he will see karma
I did nothing but love
And attempt to help him
Even if there was love left

I will never again tell him”

“You deserve no more help, since you refuse to take it

Fuck your philosophies, you’re still just fakin’
You know no real truths, cause you’re afraid to be naked
In the mirror, in public, like this you’ll never make itI will succeed, no matter how you try to spite me
I will go on, even if you don’t like me
I will be happy, happiest without your biting
I will not cry… Cause you’re not worth my crying

* I bounce back dumb fast. Why someone wants to date my pregnant ass tonight… Idk. But he’s cute as hell so let’s go! Lmao. (Side note: he’s more “known” than my last nigga, yet he knows how to not be attention starved while on a date. What is that?)”

May 5th:

“Hmmm… speaking of that. C. Hamilton. I have a bone to pick wit you. I’m really tired of you excusing yourself. Specifically (today) your sound quality. Miss me with that, I’m an artist and I do it on purpose. I watch you work and I think you just need to remember that quantity over quality is the motto of wack ass niggas. You know why Drake is doing so well? Because the sund is so f*in clear and crisp and lovely. Can’t lie… I f*in LOVE So Far Gone. Love it!!! Drake… if I wasn’t already knocked up… you could get it. (I know some people will find my sense of humor tasteless… but so what… Imma say this anyway…) My stress levels are at an all time high… I see a miscarriage in the near future… so uh… what up? See… hahahaha. It’s funny bitch, laugh. *Jokes*”

“Dad… I know you sometimes read my blog… so:

I apologize. I love you and I miss you so much. My life sucks. I swear I made nothing but wrong decisions putting everyone else before me. I want to start over but the real world doesn’t work like that. Please help me. I love you.

I would have emailed you but I know you’re busy.”

May 3rd:

“You ain’t no mutha f*in Midas nigga,

Everything you put your name on turns to shit…
You just a fairy ass delusional nigga,
Nobody but yo crazy ass get the verses you spit.
or Maritian… Whatever… Birth certificate’s American
Nobody likes you little nigga
They just waitin for you to flop again
They all laughin at you
Cause we know you’ll never win
Lame ass nigga, it’s you!
You the weakest link
Can’t get your shit together
But you swear it don’t stink.
Shoulda killed yourself then
Maybe then we’d be entertained
At least you’d have made the news
My nigg you should be ashamed
Got ya girl fightin ya battles
cause ya mouth bigger than your heart
Shoulda let them whoop ya ass
Maybe this is all my fault…
I shoulda paid attention to the signs
You wear pink every day and night,

Can’t even finish. Just know that I’m dead ass. You got me soooooo f*ed up.

I’m not even mad at you tho. Dead ass… I feel bad for you.
it’s a sad story… it really is.

and I dare you to say anything about me… DARE YOU!!!!!!!! My nigg… So, start thinking before you say things… and for the last time: WATCH YA MOUTH!”