I’m waiting for 10:15 to see whether this is gonna live up to or exceed all the anticipation***…..But luckily, on the eve on Labor Day Weekend (which I totally forgot about and didnt make any plans for, so will be just a loser during), its time once again Throwback Thursday from Legend at Onsmash (and cosigned by yours truly).

(***note to Howard Dean or whoever….last nights speech from Major Tammy Duckworth gave me chills and made me cry. But some of these guys you sending up there to warm up for Obama are…..not ready, lol.)

Anyways, back to Throwback Thursday…..this week, we revist Doo Wop’s Summer Jam ’96. (props also to Smoking Section, I hear they also had this tape posted a while back) Anyways….in 1996, the actual Summer Jam (not to be confused with the Sinbad tour that was also going on that year) had The Lost Boys, Busta Rhymes, LL, etc…. and Mary J. Blige looked like this:
mary j blige, vintage 1996

But this was Doo Wop’s mixtape….

Doo Wop “Summer Jam ’96” 

Full tracklisting after the jump

01. Doo Wop – Intro
02. Smoothe da Hustler & Trigga tha Gambler – Freestyle
03. Fab 5 – Freestyle
04. Busta Rhymes & Rampage – Freestyle
05. Lord Finesse – Freestyle
06. Sadat X – Freestyle
07. Ed Lover – Freestyle
08. Keith Murray & Smif n Wessun – Payin Dues
09. Nas – Street Dreams
10. Heltah Skeltah – Posses, Crews, Clicks & Clans
11. Doo Wop & Sun Dulfah – New York Love
12. SWV – You’re the One (Doo Wop RMX)
13. Uneek – Diamonds
14. Sadat X – Lump Lump
15. A+ – All I See
16. Trigga tha Gambler, Smoothe Da Hustler & DV Alias Khrist – My Crew Cant Go For That
17. Real Live – Real Live (Remix) (Feat. Ghostface, Cappadonna, Lord Tariq & Killa Sin)
18. Def Squad – Breaker 1, Breaker 2
19. Busta Rhymes – Do My Thing
20. Nas – If I Ruled The World
21. Smoothe Da Hustler – Dedication
22. Money Boss Players – Games
23. Nas – Freestyle
24. Nine & Uneek – Da Product
25. Biz Markie – Studder Step
26. Heather B & MOP – My Kinda Nigga
27. DJ Mister Cee – One Time For the East Coast