Tomorrow, 1pm NY-time everything shuts down for wall-to-web coverage of the MJ funeral….I’m expecting nothing less than emotion, chaos, awkwardness, and tenderness. But reading People Mag’s run down of the expected celebrity participants….is tipping the scales towards an early lead for awkwardness.

“Everyone from Mariah Carey to the surviving Jackson brothers are expected to perform…Tuesday at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles.
On Monday, the Jackson family’s publicists released a “preliminary and subject to change” list of participants, which included Carey and …Jennifer Hudson.

Other stars set to appear include:
• Brooke Shields
• Usher
• Stevie Wonder
• Magic Johnson
• Kobe Bryant*
• Andrae Crouch Choir
• Berry Gordy
• Family friends Ron Boyd and Pastor Lucious Smith
• Shaheen Jafargholi of Britain’s Got Talent*
• Martin Luther King III*
• Bernice A. King
• John Mayer*
• Lionel Richie
• Smokey Robinson
• Rev. Al Sharpton
Beyoncé and Whitney Houston are also said to be making appearances, but are not performing, according to Entertainment Tonight.

*huh? huh? huh? and huh??