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Today, Conan O’Brien supporters rallied outside of NBC studios in the rain, with their man sending out pizza and showing up on the roof to show appreciation.

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that the end is nigh….allegedly, NBC will be paying Conan $32.5 million (plus $7.5 million more for staff severance) to walk away, with the caveat that he has to sit out until Sept. This would allow for Jay Leno to recover some footing during the weak summer re-run period. And Jay Leno also tried to recover some goodwill by speaking out last night on how NBC screwed him too. “Don’t blame Conan.”

How many meetings between studio brass, crisis publicity flacks and Leno’s agents did it take to plan that?

No matter where Conan goes, he’ll probably have to leave the Masturbating Bear, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and In-the-year-2000 with NBC. And all this non-compete period and loss of intellectual property is totally normal. But I watched Monday’s show, and the highlights are just the jokes about losing the show. I still can’t figure out what happened in the move from NY to LA, it was like some tv-magic boxes got lost.

BONUS: MissInfo.TV’s resident Howard Stern expert sent over Howard’s scathing remarks about the whole Late Night TV dust-up (Download Link). It’ll be very interesting TV if Stern shows up for Conan’s final show on Friday, right?