Picture 53

So….according to TMZ, 50 Cent and TV host Chelsea Handler were “spotted” huddled in a booth at the Blue Nile bar in New Orleans, and “one spy inside the joint tells us they were getting very hot and heavy with each other.”

Do you buy this? Or is this another skillfully orchestrated stunt?

50 Cent then did an impromptu “Best Friend” performance with the bar’s jazz band….yes, a jazz rendition. Watch after the jump…

The whole idea of 50 Cent chilling at a jazz bar with Chelsea and then jumping on stage is so absurd, it either has to be the action of a man insane with passion (*snicker*) or a future Jimmy Kimmel skit. As for their compatibility, they seem well-matched in terms of humor, but her functioning alcoholism schtick and his clean-living health kick seem a bit at odds.

(Awkward moment: at the end of 50’s bebop hep-cat jam session, why did the DJ have to throw on Diddy and Rawse “Hello Good Morning”? Dang!)