Mikey: Well, Rihanna’s latest video sprung an early leak and is now circulating through the internets. The Anthony Madler directed music video was shot last April at the Chateau de Vigny in France and also stars French supermodel,  Laetitia Costa.
(Thanks JustJared)

MissInfo: hmm, well first off, I love this song. One of my favorites on Rihanna’s less-than-heralded album. I also loved “Cold Case Love” but that’s neither here nor there. This video confuses me. The hook is Spanish, and the Flamenco stomping on the beat is too. But Rihanna and this latter-day model is in the French countryside. They’re writhing around alot, and there’s clearly some weird sexual tension, but why? Because the chateau has not been modernized with electricity? This is like a Meatloaf video, mixed with Brideshead Revisted, mixed with one of those 70’s Emmanuelle soft-core porns. And styled by Agent Provocateur.