thank you Kane for a thrilling performance, by a grown man emcee, no whining, no bulls–t, no gimmicks (and in this case, no, having a live band was not a gimmick bc they weren’t there to compensate for a lack of stage presence, they weren’t there to appeal to a “broad-er audience,” and…btw they were really really good.), no special effects, and not no none nar one bit of backing vocal. There are plenty of great live performers, but I dont think a single rapper can match Kane’s live delivery of a verse.

Case in point…..Kane performing “The Wrath of Kane” live.

That, plus an almost perfect Juice Crew performance of “The Symphony,” and more on this exclusive video clip….

I’ll put up this other clip later which includes an awesome(ly hilarious) appearance by TJ Swan, and Kane’s sage words about our 44th president…I’m too sleepy right now. Sadly I had a bad angle so I couldnt see Scoob Lover and Scrap Lover tear it down, but I watched it on a screen and they looked great.

Much love to everyone who was at BB Kings tonite too (Dante Ross, Ebro, Enuff, and 2 old old friends: Sha from MTV News and Datwon from XXL/King/Rides)