I announced tonite on The Celebrity Drama Report that 50 Cent and Lil Kim have apparently made nice and recorded “Magic Stick 2: Wanna Lick.” And yes, they recorded in the same studio at the same time, lol. So tomorrow night, the big homie Funk Flex will debut the song and it will be the first single off the upcoming G-Unit album, Shoot to Kill “Cancel Christmas”….hahaha, the G-unit boys kept repeating that tagline, which to me sounds like a bad Hollywood movie poster line, but I’ll play along : )

Anyways, it looks like Lil Kim’s tatted and plaited plaything, Young Buck is the one who brought his boss and his boo together for a peaceful collaboration. So we’ll hear the results tomorrow. And maybe I’ll post the MP3 as well.

PS: When I heard the title of the song, I asked 50 who exactly licked who….He didnt bite : ) Eh, I tried.