fans who felt disillusioned by Nas’ pragmatic decision to unname his album “N—-r,” can look forward to Nas’ taking the politically incorrect, unsubtle approach with his upcoming “Be a N—-r Too” video. Rik Cordero and Nas shot the video last week in LA (and some parts here in NY) and the concept will be very familiar to movie buffs. I can’t give away any more, but I’ll say that there will be some celebrity cameos. And not the usual “hey, these are random rappers that I don’t know that well but who will show up when I shoot a video and pretend to party with me in this rented space with the rest of my casted modeltypes” cameos.

There will be more preview posters tomorrow, but this one is especially striking, and horrifying, and powerful. Next week, there will be an exclusive viewing of the video. I definitely look forward to it.

(thanks to rik and steve)