The new season of Fox’s animated series The Cleveland Show is back on tv for another season with more celebrity cameos from hip hop’s biggest and brightest stars. Why and why?
As in, why is this show still on? And why do Kanye West (repeatedly), Bruno Mars, Will I Am, Nicki Minaj and Questlove agree to appear on it? (take Will I Am out of that question…he’ll appear at the grand closing of a pumpkin patch)

This show has all the right DNA and I really tried to get into it but it hasn’t been actually funny since….hmm….since it was an storyline on The Family Guy. The mighty Simpsons made the best use of all-star features, Family Guy doesn’t need them (except for Eminem‘s) and Cleveland keeps trying but just doesn’t have the sharp writing. Kanye’s two previous appearances were charming, while this new one looks cringeworthy.
Meanwhile, Bob’s Burgers is still my favorite new animated series. I’d like to see Action Bronson and Mac Miller on that one ; )

Watch a clip of Kanye West (as Kenny West), Nicki Minaj, Questlove, Bruno Mars and…of course Will I Am, along with Cleveland Brown from this Sunday’s upcoming episode of The Cleveland Show
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Kanye West tries to make “dumpy” happen on the Cleveland Show. When was the last time Ye had no facial hair?
(spotted on E!)

I am looking forward to seeing how Bruno Mars does as host and musical guest on SNL. He’s got just the right hammy vaudeville personality and musical talent to pull it off. Oh wait…SNL‘s writing is the worst it’s been in years. smh. Here are some funny promos though….

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