It’s no secret that Tupac’s impact stretches far across the globe. His influence not only touches kids from the inner city but from all walks of life. Take Icona Pop for example, the Swedish electro pop duo recently sampled Pac’s “Me and My Girlfriend” for their own hit “Girlfriend.” While many thought he they got the idea from Hov’s interpretation, the girls say it was all 2pac on their mind when they hit the studio.

P31: You guys just put the video for Girlfriend out which samples the hook from, most recently, Beyonce and Jay-z’s Bonnie and Clyde 03. Whose idea was it to use that hook and is that something that was played in Sweden 10 years ago?

C: Yeah but, we went into it thinking more about the Tupac version—I mean it was Tupac’s song from the beginning and he’s singing me and my Girlfriend and he’s referring to his gun but were doing it more like a celebration for our friendship. We were sitting in the studio talking about, we don’t even have a home, we don’t have—we just have each other and that’s all we need in this life of sin, and we thought it just related to what we were going through so we sent a letter to Tupac’s mother to ask if we could use the song, and she said yes.

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Watch Icona Pop, Tupac and Jay-Z versions of “Girlfriend” after the jump…

Icona Pop “Girlfriend”

Tupac “Girlfriend”

Jay-Z and Beyonce “Me and My Girlfriend”

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