50 cent sat down with his boy Howard Stern this morning for a chat…and its always magical when they combine, lol…

50 Cent on the Howard Stern Show 5-25-09

Some quotables I posted on Twitter:

-Howard: We’re rooting for you 50. We’d like to see you get your own channel [on sirius] quite frankly. Eminem hasn’t shown up here in 10 yrs

-omg….Howard says that Flo Rida came in with strippers and made it rain cash…..the he had someone vacuum up the cash before he left. DEAD
-Howard: You’re never gonna commit to 1 woman… 50: You know how much it costs when you make that mistake?
-yo…50 talkin about hanging out with the “celebrities” like Jim Carrey Wesley Snipes, etc at Sundance….hilarity.

-Robyn: u ever hit a woman? Fif: No…’cept my son’s mom.I didnt punch her in the face, I had to shake her. O now nobdy knos what im saying?

-Fif “i’ve never had sex w/ a porn star….I’ve looked tho…its the diff btw suckin’ some, and the whole d.” (*EARMUFFS!*)

-Fif to Howard: I havent taken my shirt off in a while….I probably got a 4 pack right now

Big up to Tommy F for the speedy audio link, and this great play by play recap after the jump….

From Tommy F:

Howard came back and said that 50 Cent was there. Howard said he read that he earned $150 million last year alone.

50 Cent came in and said he missed the porn star. Howard said that he gets so much pussy he didn’t think that he’d care about stuff like that. 50 talked about how he can always check out people like that.

Howard took a call from a woman who asked 50 to take his shirt off on the show because that’s what she’d like to see on the TV show. Howard said they would never ask him to do that but the ladies must like that kind of stuff. 50 said that he’s packing about a 4-pack right now so he’s not at a 6 or 8 pack.

Howard said that 50 must be an official sex symbol if women are asking to see him with his shirt off like that.

Howard asked 50 about banging famous women but 50 said that he’s still not doing that. He said that he’s still friendly with Madonna but she’s never offered herself to him. Howard asked if he would do that if she offered. 50 said that he would do it for all mankind of she made the offer.

Howard asked 50 about the story they were discussing earlier about him punching some guy out on the set of a movie. Howard said that the name of the movie was ”Righteous Kill.” 50 said that he didn’t have any issues on the set of that movie. Howard said that he read that there was a white actor that got punched out. 50 said that story was made up and he didn’t hit anyone. 50 said he remembers hearing the rumor but the story just wasn’t true.

Howard asked 50 if it was true that his new album, ”Before I Self Destruct,” was inspired by Britney Spears. He said that it was more about not wanting to self destruct himself like people like Britney have.

Howard said that 50 made like $150 million last year. He said that he read that 50 doesn’t believe that Jay-Z is worth what he claims to be worth either. Howard asked him if he’d like to have a really famous wife that would help him generate a ton of money like Jay-Z and Beyonce. 50 said that it doesn’t hurt to have that going on.

Howard asked 50 if it was true that he laughed when he heard about Chris Brown beating up Rihanna. 50 said that he didn’t know all of the details at first but he did find it funny. He said that he didn’t know what extent that had gone to until he saw the pictures. He said that the beating she took wasn’t funny.

Howard asked 50 what he thinks is going on with Chris. 50 said that he was as clean cut as you come until this happened. 50 said that he’s the kind of guy you’d expect to do something like that, not Chris Brown. Howard asked if he thinks that his career is over now. 50 said that he will never get back that clean cut perception.

Howard asked 50 about the mother of his baby and how she sued him for a ton of money. 50 said that he won the case and didn’t have to give up as much money as she wanted. He said that they should have just adjusted the amount of money that he was paying. He said that he has to pay $84,000 a year in child support and a 12 year old kid doesn’t need more than that. 50 said that people want to get what they can and there is no relationship there anymore. 50 said that he was paying $500,000 a year before this woman tried to sue him. He said that she sued for more and ended up getting less.

Howard said that when you earn a lot of money a lot of people want a piece of it. It’s tough when that happens. 50 said that he has to have a driver go and pick the kid up because he and the mother don’t really get along. He said that they’re not even friends anymore. 50 said that they got to the point where it was completely about money so he has no interest in her anymore. Howard asked 50 if he’s got anyone serious in his life. 50 said that he doesn’t have anyone right now.

Howard asked 50 about doing the movie with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. 50 said that he and De Niro had worked together before and it was great working with him and Sharon Stone too. 50 told Howard that Sharon still looks good even at her age.

Howard said that 50 is so famous and big that he performed at a birthday party for Jim Carrey. 50 said that they were all out at this film festival and he went to his party to perform. Howard asked if Jenny McCarthy was still with him. He said she was. He also talked about some of the other people that were at the party like Chris Rock, Wesley Snipes and a few others. Howard was surprised that Snipes wasn’t in jail. 50 said that he says he’s not going to jail.

Howard asked 50 about being at war with Foxy Brown. 50 said that he’s not at war with her. Howard read a quote from her where she said that she was going to handle him ”Brooklyn style” if 50 didn’t retract a statement he made about her in a song. 50 said that he hasn’t seen her in a long time and he thinks that she was just saying that to get some notice. He said that stuff doesn’t matter to him now.

Howard said that 50 is into this video game thing now. Howard said the game is ”50 Cent: Blood on the Sand ” and it’s rated Mature. Howard asked him if he plays the game himself. 50 said that it came out last night and he just started playing.

50 talked about going over to Iraq to perform for the troops and how intense that was. He said that they told him that he could die over there when he got on a plane to fly out. He said that was crazy stuff.

Howard asked 50 about this movie he did with De Niro and found out that he went out and shot with the New York City cops. 50 said that they had to learn how to shoot like a police officer since he was playing a cop in the movie. Howard said that he’s got a good life going on.

Howard said that he’d like to know who 50 is banging. 50 said that Howard never tells him anything so he has no reason to tell him. 50 was also asking Artie why he wasn’t talking because he sees him talking on the TV show all the time. Artie said he was actually choking on something and had to walk out of the studio at one point. Artie said that he figured that Howard and 50 were having a discussion and he was just respecting him like he would with Paul McCartney.

Howard asked 50 if he’s still involved in the Vitamin Water thing. 50 said that he is but changed the subject to Eminem and said that his album just came out.

50 said that he’s got a web site that he just put out and he’s been keeping busy with that. The site is ThisIs50.com. Howard asked him about his mansion that he bought from Mike Tyson. 50 said he can’t get rid of that place. He said that he hasn’t been able to sell it. Howard said he wanted to go up there and party with him. 50 told him to come up with the show and do it up there one time.

Howard and Artie told 50 about Flo Rida coming in and making it rain money in the studio one time. Howard said that 50 is doing well and that’s all they care about. Howard gave him some plugs for this new video game he’s got out now. He said he may have to try it out himself.

Howard said that 50 has grown a lot over the years. 50 said that he’s down to 195 pounds and he’s really not in that good of shape right now. He said he’d take that compliment from Howard though.

Howard said that he’s rooting for 50 and he’s on his side. Artie said that they’re on Team 50 cent. Howard said that Eminem hasn’t come on the show in like 10 years. Howard said that he’s not even showing up to his own channel there at SIRIUS.

Howard said that he had a cover of one of 50’s songs that Elephant Boy did. He played that song and it was Elephant Boy singing ”In Da Club.” 50 said that was the first time he heard that cover. Howard said that he sounds Korean but he’s actually not.

Howard asked 50 where he grew up. 50 said that he grew up in Queens. Howard asked him if he was angry at the Koreans like some people are. 50 said that he wasn’t an angry person. He said that he had a hard time growing up but he wasn’t angry like that. Howard wondered why he got shot so many times because he seems to be such a nice guy. 50 said that’s what he was thinking at the time.

Howard asked what it feels like to be shot. 50 said that you don’t even feel the bullets going in. He said that the pain comes when the doctor tells you that you’re going to be alright. 50 said that he got hit in the face with one bullet and lost some teeth in the back of his mouth. 50 said that you don’t feel the pain until after the bullet has gone through. 50 said that the guy who shot him ended up dying a couple of weeks later.

Howard asked why the guy did it. 50 said that guy got paid. 50 said that he had a lot of attention on the streets at the time and he may have been selling some cocaine and stuff like that. 50 said that he doesn’t do drugs and he doesn’t even smoke weed. 50 said that he’s got people around him who have had problems but he doesn’t have those problems himself.

50 said that there was a conflict back when he got shot. He said that he was getting big in the music business and this other guy wanted a shot in the business and he didn’t want him to be successful. 50 said that after the fact the other guy faded to black. 50 said that the other guy was Ja Rule. Robin said that it’s amazing that music can make people go out and shoot other people. 50 said that it’s not the music that shoots people, it’s people who shoot people.

Howard asked 50 more about the shooting. 50 said that he was in a car at the time of the shooting and he ended up going to the hospital to get the bullets removed. He said that there were never any arrests made in the case either. 50 said that they don’t snitch on each other no matter what. He said that they take things into their own hands.

Howard asked 50 what the cops did after the shooting and what he said to them. 50 said that he’d just tell them that it happened so fast he didn’t know what happened. Then karma took over and the other guy ended up dead.

Howard gave 50 some more plugs and 50 said that he’ll be back on this summer when his new album comes out. Howard went to break a short time later.