I cant pick a favorite in this 9-11 battle, because I’m thoroughly entertained by both Kanye and 50 Cent…..Sure, Kanye is more fashionable and hip, but 50 is more blunt and commanding. Now the one difference was that self-deprecating humor that Kanye displays, that always wins with me.

But guess who’s got a sense of humor too? (and not just his usual evil kind)

This is 50’s remake of his upcoming Rolling Stone magazine cover, featuring him and Kanye West. (they did a real shoot together too, before the Screamfest show. Its not just some photoshop kum-bye-ya fantasy, lol)

Please note the Gorilla’s spot-on grey doo-rag. Oh wait, I just noticed the rainbow font on “Graduation,” lol…aww that’s bad!

I even hear 50 brings the Kanye Teddy Bear with him to interviews. Maybe to show that he cares (bears). (ok, that was bad. I apologize)