Tonight on the Funkmaster Flex show, as promised, Funk Flex took to the mic to respond to recent taunts from Dame Dash on Instagram. The dispute started earlier this week when Dame posted a photo of Interscope exec and former Def Jam president Joie Manda. In the accompanying post, Dame accused Joie of trying to divide and conquer artists like Cam’ron and Jim Jones, as well as Curren$y. But he also called Manda a culture vulture, despite Manda’s Brooklyn roots and early involvement in the graf scene, and the New York City hip hop club scene.

Funk Flex (who worked closely with Manda for years, starting from the days of the Palladium and Tunnel nightclubs) went on air to defend him. Dame responded by going in on Flex via IG. This went back and forth until today, when Flex invited Dame to come on the show. Dame responded by announcing he would instead speak to the Combat Jack Show/Podcast. Flex then took to the airwaves to speak to Dame, and made a point of praising Dame’s entrepreneurial career moves, but then denounced Dame for race-baiting, and for profiting from the same people he is calling “culture vultures.”

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For the record, I’m disturbed by the entire misguided beef. I’ve asked numerous people and can’t seem to find any current incident that sparked this beef. As far as I know, even the artists that Dame cited in the original IG have good relationships with Joie, as well as Flex. Both Dame and Joie are longtime friends of mine. And obviously Flex is a friend and coworker.

One other thing…I was scheduled to talk with Combat Jack and Dallas Penn for weeks. And, despite my initial trepidation, I was really looking forward to it. I was blindsided when Dame announced he was doing the show with me. But Combat Jack never confirmed that, he knew that would put me in an awkward spot. So plain and simple, I was replaced on the lineup. Either way, the debate has everyone tuned in. We are all interested to hear what Dame will say to Combat Jack tonight, and we will post it when the audio is available tomorrow.

Audio: Funkmaster Flex Responds to Dame Dash Instagram Beef with Executives

Audio via In Flex We Trust

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