Jay Electronica spits a remixed version of his track “The Announcement” for Mountain Dew Code Red’s new ad campaign, “It’s Different on the Mountain.”

Remember when you first saw Grand Puba and Large Professor in a Sprite’s “Obey Your Thirst” ad in the 90’s? It felt like a victory for the good guys. And that’s exactly how I felt when I heard that the creative folks at Anomaly (the team behind Converse’s awesome Band of Ballers and Jim Jones spot) were teaming Jay Electronica up with Mountain Dew Code Red for his first major endorsement and their first new artist collaboration since Macy Gray back in 2001.

A few weeks ago, Jay Electronica, his DJ TJ the King, the Anomaly team, the PepsiCo team, director Jacob Lincoln (for Greenpoint Pictures), stylist Groovey Lew, Jay’s artist 20 Grand Pikaso, and more went to New Orleans, and shot the ad (called “No Distractions”) at  a theater called One Eyed Jack’s…

I love the look of the spot, which actually recreates the same feel of Jay’s private announcement event for his Roc Nation deal last month…and it’s always nice to see when advertising creatives can bring new talent and big brands together. Congrats guys! And thank you to Stanley Lumax for the inside scoop : )


Watch great behind-the-scenes and interview footage from the set of “No Distractions,” and more photos from the shoot.
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On the set of Jay Electronica x Mountain Dew Code Red commercial…



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PS: I still love Anomaly’s Jim Jones x Converse spot. I feel like I watched the seed of this partnership back when I talked to Stanley about the first Band of Ballers in NYC, which Jimmy’s team won vs. folks like Diplo, Pac Div and more..