Tonite I went to watch the live taping of the Making the Band Finale over in the fiery depths of hell…..aka Times Square. And I’m not gonna dance around this….I would have never gone to this event on my own. I would have been perfectly happy finding out tomorrow (or honestly, whenever I caught a rerun) who made the final cut on the 4th incarnation of this modern day Menudo. But I was asked to cover the event for work, so you can check out the webvideo of my interview with Diddy, Danity Kanye and the new boy band later this week at

But you know what…my cynical, jaded ass was kinda won over by these fresh-faced fellas. All 10 of the finalists seemed genuinely talented and shockingly likeable. They didn’t give us all the ignorant entertaining antics of that other Making the Band band…what were they even called? The one with Babs, Choppa and the other guys? (so much for spitting that “hot fiyah” lol). And that choreographer Laurie Ann still thinks she was the “show.” So congrats to the newly formed [Insert Name Here] band—Robert, Brian, Big Mike, Q, and Will. Good luck guys. You’ll need it: )

But more importantly…..while I was talking to Diddy, he confirmed to me what I posted about that “I Get Money” remix, featuring him, Hov and 50. Diddy called it the Billion Dollar remix but he couldnt say whether Kanye’s verse would ever be cleared. Thanks for keeping it real, Puff.