Action Bronson’s a big guy, and he’s not scared to throw his weight around (literally). During a show in Portland last night, Bam Bam offered the fade to one poor security guard. Security approached the burly MC on stage after he lit a joint, before getting put on his ass by two swift and mighty shoves. It looked like the show was put on hold for a minute, but that clearly didn’t bother the crowd.

Just this past weekend, Bronson showed off more moves in his arsenal at a show in Seattle. After one particularly gutsy fan climbed on stage, Bam Bam charged at him like a bull who just saw a red cape and launched him back into the crowd. People just don’t learn, do they?

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Pharrell at the Grammys, 2014

Miss Info: As we recap and rehash the Grammy Awards from Sunday night, the two big stories are still…

1) Are you butt-hurt that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis swept all the rap categories? (And do you also remember that just a week ago, many of today’s same angry mob was indignant that Macklemore was almost not in the rap categories because the Grammy committee thought he was too pop. Grrr! Hulk no accept hypocrisy of rap twitter trending emotions!)
2) Pharrell killed it last night, winner winner winner! Oh, but even better was the fact that he did it while wearing a totally absurd oversized Canadian Mounted Police type hat! It was like the Arby’s sign. It was like Smokey the Bear’s. It was Curious George’s human handler’s hat…and so on.

But even though Pharrell told MTV that he was running late for the Grammys so he just grabbed “this old thing” out of his closet…we know that’s totally impossible. Pharrell probably planned this entire outfit out, hip hop historian-style. Pharrell’s hat originally appeared in Malcolm Mclaren’s 1982 video for the song “Buffalo Gals.” Just watch how fashion-forward the girls look in that video, here. The hats and influential styling was done by McLaren’s girlfriend, British designer Vivienne Westwood, who still makes the “felt mountain hats” today.



Malcolm McLaren, World’s Famous Supreme Team, and “Buffalo Gals”, 1982

But now that Pharrell’s 2014 Grammy hat will forever be remembered and meme-ed as a major pop culture x fashion moment…it seems like a good time to remind everyone that Skateboard P has been a fearless pioneer in the hatwear wilderness ever since he hit the music spotlight. The “Buffalo Gals” hat wasn’t even his most outrageous hat of the past six months…
What about this lynx fur number?

Pharrell in fur hood at Moncler, 2013

A trippy trip through Pharrell’s Amazing Hat History…
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Dipset Fan Club Alert:
Our buddy A-Trak just posted this mysterious teaser on Instagram… so what is this all about?


wale complex

Leave Wale off your end-of-year list, and receive an angry phone call full of threats. That’s what Complex Magazine discovered on Wednesday afternoon as the MMG rapper phoned Associate Editor Insanul Ahmed and expressed his outrage that The Gifted wasn’t included on their list of 50 Best Albums of 2013. Folarin’s emotions escalated over the three-minute call as he accused Complex of holding a personal bias and favoring albums like Juicy J’s Stay Trippy over his, before threatening physical violence.

I swear to God I’ll come to that office and start knocking n****s the f*ck out. Alright. I’ll see y’all tomorrow. Get the security ready.

We’re not going to sit here and pretend like this kind of thing hasn’t been happening since the dawn of hip-hop journalism, but threatening a publication and its staff for not giving your music love is no laughing matter. Come on, Wale.

Listen to the audio after the jump…


(Nas looking dapper, standing next to the legendary Malcolm Campbell “Blue Bird” race car.)

Sponsored: As part of Nas’ ongoing partnership with Hennessy Cognac, the rapper narrated a new video introducing the latest inductee into the “Wild Rabbit” branding campaign…this time, though, the man of the hour isn’t a boxer like Manny Pacquiao or artists like Os Gemeos…Nas is talking about a man who died over 50 years ago. Malcolm Campbell was a British racing legend who not only became the first man to break the 300mph barrier, but he set world records on both land and water. Pretty much personifying Hennessy’s theme of the never-ending chase.

Video: Malcolm Campbell “The Man Who Couldn’t Slow Down”: narrated by Nas for Hennessy.

Nas also traveled to Miami over Columbus Day weekend to check out a vintage hybrid of some of Campbell’s famous “Blue Bird” race cars.

Check out more photos…
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When smart people unite over their love of hip hop, we get unique, funny, edu-tainment gems like Nardwuar’s interview series, or Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s History of Rap, It’s the Real’s skits, and more…
Now the perfect gift for the witty rap fan (or artistic youngster) in your life is the Rap Coloring and Activity Book by our Houston buddy Bun B and Shea Serrano (artist/writer, check out his Grantland column on coaching junior high football). The book is available on Amazon now, also there’s a tumblr!

You know you’re already doodling all over your TPS reports at work, so why not procrastinate by coloring in the single greatest awkward magazine cover of all time….

Another of my favorite “activity pages” from the book…
Plus a special treat from one of the authors…
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Today, amidst new allegations about his private life, legendary DJ Mister Cee went on air and announced he was resigning from Hot97 after 20 years of mixing and mentoring. Prior to his time at Hot97, Cee was Big Daddy Kane’s deejay and also gets credit for being instrumental in the discovery of The Notorious B.I.G. When Cee’s private life first became fodder for tabloids, one of the biggest stars to publicly voice their support was 50 Cent. Here is a clip of that exclusive 2011 interview.

During his final “Throwback at Noon” mix, he talked about his decision to leave:
“I have decided it’s time for me to move on, and take time to take care of myself because there are situations when I try to do the right thing, a setback happens. I am good, I am safe, I am happy, I am blessed… But in reality I knew this day would come where Mister Cee has to move on. The last thing you want to do is hurt the people that you love, and I love this station. I love hot97.”

Cee signed off by playing his favorite song, by his favorite group…”Shook Ones” by Mobb Deep. And thanked everyone who supported him at the station, saying that his time on the air was the most meaningful part of his life, besides his time as Kane’s deejay.

Listen to Mr. Cee’s final “Throwback at Noon” mix on Hot97.
Read Hot97’s official statement.
And see some of the reactions from Cee’s peers.


One of the best experiences that I had this year was heading all the way down south to Sao Paulo, Brazil, along with my friends at Team Hennessy US, earlier this year. The mission was to see Nas perform at Brazil’s Lollapalooza festival…as well as to check out the latest in Hennessy’s artist collaboration series. In the past, the cognac brand has enlisted Kaws and Futura…this year, they recruited Sao Paulo’s graf-pedigreed, hip hop-loving art-star twins, Os Gemeos (which just stands for “The Twins” in portuguese). I had already heard great stories about the twins from their peers, such as Todd James and ESPO…so getting a chance to visit their studio, in the same neighborhood where they grew up, was such an honor!

Check out a video recap of the visit (above), and check out more about the limited edition Hennessy x Os Gemeos bottle (finally available in select stores)…
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(Rick Ross performing over the weekend at Russell Simmons’ annual Art For Life charity benefit in the Hamptons. Photo by Johnny Nunez)

The Bawse is back on the move…after laying low for a short spell, Rick Ross has a new single that just dropped today called “I Wonder Why,” a new album on the way called Mastermind, a new superpower team behind him (the management/advisory heft of Lyor Cohen and Todd Moscowitz, and the PR skills of Amanda Silverman ), and now…Ross has announced that he’s returning to the stage with a one-night concert event at Club Nokia at the L.A. LIVE complex on August 14th.

The show marks the first time Ross will perform his full repertoire of hits with a live band….specifically the Grammy-winning “1500 or Nothin” 8-piece band who have backed up everyone from Snoop Dogg, Nas, Lupe Fiasco, and more.

So it’ll be Ross…and “friends”…and the Fifteen Hundreds on Weds, Aug. 14th, at Club Nokia. And lucky for us, the concert will be nationally broadcast live on AXS TV, starting at 9pm PT.

Check out photos of Rick Ross hobnobbing with Russell Simmons, Maxwell, Tahiry, and the Hamptons social set this past weekend…
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Fool’s Gold co-founder and prolific partyrocker Nick Catchdubs is one of our favorite folks…such a nice guy! So we’re obviously pumped that he and the Fools Gold family (Atrak and all) have put out Nick’s new single “Bizness” featuring Iamsu and Jay Ant from the Bay Area… along with a creative and kooky music video befitting the FG stamp of bizarro approval.

Watch the video, directed by Scott Jacobson and produced by the comedy web network JASH, featuring next-level lipsynching from the last types you’d think could spit Iamsu and Jay Ant’s bars….
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