I know OVO is pretty much the biggest name synonymous with Canadian hip-hop right now, but this Vice documentary on Canada’s indigenous rappers will change your views on Northern rap, and everything you thought you know about the scene up there. Toronto isn’t the only city in Canada that has serious issues with crime, violence and poverty. Little spoken about area like Winnipeg have their own artists from the “belly of the beast” trying to break into the mainstream — and these dudes ain’t nothing soft.

Indigenous rappers in Canada reflect on a unique struggle. In a country where the most incarcerated population is aboriginal, these artists reflect on the crisis of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women, conflicts around resource extraction on native land, and the protest movement Idle No More, which galvanized aboriginal communities from coast to coast. Indigenous rap doesn’t get enough attention outside of its vibrant scene. VICE host Rich Kidd went to Regina, Winnipeg and his hometown Toronto to meet some of the scene‚Äôs big names like Drezus, Winnipeg Boyz and David Strickland and up-and-comer T-Rhyme.

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