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Following a lengthy hiatus, Adele is back with some big news today. The Grammy-winning singer has announced her new album, 25, as well as a tour which she’ll begin in 2015 (it’s unclear whether the album will arrive in 2015 or late 2014, though). 25 will serve as the follow-up to Adele’s massively successful 2011 LP, 21, which has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. Of course, the title continues her trend of naming her albums after her age when she recorded it. While other details remain scarce, Phil Collins was reported to have been working on the project last year.

Miss Info: OUTRAGE! Serves us right for ever looking to the stupid ass wack ass World Music Awards as a credible source for anything….but the chairman of Beggars Group (parent company of XL Recordings) Martin Mills (who is a lovely fellow that we spoke with on a SxSW panel a few years back) has crushed our hopes, telling Billboard that there is “no truth” to the announcement.
Kicking ourselves. F- you, World Music Awards. Apologies to you readers. Halp, Adele!

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