January 2010

On Sunday, Jay E. called P.Diddy to the stage at the Mos Def show (click to see Mikey’s exclusive footage)…and tonite, the big homie Funk Flex answered Jay’s twitter-request to hear “Exhibit A” on Hot97, lol…so I guess he felt benevolent and released this video. Nation/Nahright says that Jay told him that Jason Goldwatch/Decon’s footage is from Dubai, and also Nepal (previously seen in “Dear Moleskine“).

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Today, Conan O’Brien supporters rallied outside of NBC studios in the rain, with their man sending out pizza and showing up on the roof to show appreciation.

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that the end is nigh….allegedly, NBC will be paying Conan $32.5 million (plus $7.5 million more for staff severance) to walk away, with the caveat that he has to sit out until Sept. This would allow for Jay Leno to recover some footing during the weak summer re-run period. And Jay Leno also tried to recover some goodwill by speaking out last night on how NBC screwed him too. “Don’t blame Conan.”

How many meetings between studio brass, crisis publicity flacks and Leno’s agents did it take to plan that?

No matter where Conan goes, he’ll probably have to leave the Masturbating Bear, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and In-the-year-2000 with NBC. And all this non-compete period and loss of intellectual property is totally normal. But I watched Monday’s show, and the highlights are just the jokes about losing the show. I still can’t figure out what happened in the move from NY to LA, it was like some tv-magic boxes got lost.

BONUS: MissInfo.TV’s resident Howard Stern expert sent over Howard’s scathing remarks about the whole Late Night TV dust-up (Download Link). It’ll be very interesting TV if Stern shows up for Conan’s final show on Friday, right?

Wyclef Jean held a tearful press conference on Monday to share some of his harrowing experiences in Port-au-Prince’s earthquake destruction area, and he also addressed some of the questions about his charity Yele Haiti’s accounting
Accusations have been made about me and about Yele…Have I made mistakes before? Yes,” “Did I use Yéle money for personal gains? Absolutely not. YEle’s books are open. We have a clean bill of health from an auditor…..my people are dying, I have to go back to the ground for a mission relief.


Tonite, the big homie Funk Flex debuted this new (not I Cant Feel My Face material) collabo between Elz and Weezy….And Juelz (and Joe Wunstop) were nice enough to send me the CDQs for you (thanks Juelz, Thanks Joe Wunstop). Now Juelz told me that they already have the video done, and it should be debuting this week (along with a live performance of “Back to the Crib” : ). But I’m also interested in hearing Juelz’ upcoming song, produced by Bangladesh…I’m happy to see the kid heating up. He’s good peoples.

NMC World Premiere: Juelz Santana feat. Lil Wayne “Homerun” (produced by Drumma Boy) (download Dirty) (download Clean)

[audio:Juelz Weezy Homerun missinfo dirty.mp3]

Bonus: Splash sent this Juelz Santana “I Wanna Rock” freestyle (download link)

Mikey: Alright it’s 4:45 am, so I gotta keep it short and simple… Jay Electronica x Diddy x Talib Kweli x Mos Def on stage together @ the Highline Ballroom, New York City 1/17/10. Epic !!!

“Diddy send a text every hour on the dot sayin “when you gon drop that verse n***a you takin long”


UnKut: The rap names that Jay Electronica rejected, LOL

and….Jay Electronica and Just Blaze at DJ Green Lantern’s Invasion Radio…video after the jump…


Mikey: Props to the Gasface crew for the dope interviews.  More of their work below…

“In this 3rd (and final) installment of his New York Minute interview, 88-Keys goes back to 01, when he and Kanye met in a legendary midtown studio. The rapper/producer remembers the first convo he ever had with his future great friend and executive producer, vibin’ on the way back to their respective places in Newark…while telling about their common history and the evolution of their friendship, he  reveals how he got his name from a Large Pro & Q-tip freestyle a long, long time ago….”

Pt. 1 – 88 Keys Interview w/ Gasface, “On a Tropical Quest” (meeting Q-Tip)
Pt. 2 – 88 Keys Interview w. Gasface pt.2 , “Parents Dont understand”

Related: Video: Another Day Another Dilla (88 Keys recalls meeting J.Dilla)
The original Azie (Mobstyle) talks to Gasface about Harlem in the 80s, “Paid in Full” and more
Snowman Talk Pt2: the original Azie tells GasFaceTV why he didn’t like the film Paid in Full
A Crooklyn tale from the Lo-Life General

My friend Erik Parker (from Vibe/Sohh and more) was actually in Haiti during the earthquake and captured this awful footage from his iphone.

IllDoctrine’s JSmooth speaks on the tragedy in Haiti.

There has been an outpouring of support and donation for various Haiti relief causes.
Playcloths streetwear brand has created a Haitian Jack charity tee
DuckDown Records is donating all itunes sales on Sat. Jan. 16 to Yele Haiti…
Bun B. and Slimm Thug have their “Houston for Haiti” fundraiser this Monday at Warehouse Live in Houston…
George Clooney, Wyclef, and many others will host a telethon on Fri, Jan. 22, that will be simulcast on MTV, VH1, ABC, NBC, HBO and CNN…
Even though Russell Simmon tweeted without checking his facts, Tiger Woods team has confirmed the golfer will donate funds as he did with The Asian Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina…
And even though there are reports questioning the ability of Clef’s organization to handle the sudden and massive influx of donations, the good news is that Yele Haiti is now partnered with highly experienced orgs like AmeriCares

On the plus side:
Drug companies have donated antibiotics, anesthesia meds, and more. Haitians in the US illegally now have protected status to prevent deportation. Haiti’s government has given the US control of the airport and even Cuba is allowing access, both to speed up deliveries. Supermodel Gisele Bunchen has donated more than Goldman Sachs. And a small baby was found alive under the rubble after 68 hours.

But on the darkest, most horrifying, down side:
The window of rescue hope is closing. The FBI is warning about charity scams. Rescue efforts are facing setbacks and frustration (with some victims even turning down food because of miscommunication). Victims with treatable crush wounds are now dying because of a lack of treatment. There is growing unrest. Bodies are being dumped in mass graves, completely undocumented for their families. And the children, in pain, are there on every news outlet.

Wyclef, as well as AllThatsFab‘s Martine Cauthen, both in Haiti, plea for help, after the jump….

UPDATE: Wyclef responds to accusations about his Yele Charity….


game jim jones

Jimmy’s new mixtape The Ghost of Rich Porter (see Jimmy talking about the mixtape here) drops on Tuesday, and there have been a couple other leaks, but I’ve been waiting for this sequel to Jim and Game’s “Certified Gangsta” that I think made folks perk up and say, “hmm, this guy is serious about being a solo artist” back in 2004.

New Music: Jim Jones, Game, Mel Matrix and Sen “Certified Gangsta Part 2” (via Splash) (download link)


More music: Joe Budden “Keep On,” Nipsey Hussle “Return of the Mack,” and more…

after the jump….


cute girls counting money in a crappy apartment….never gets old.
(yes, it does)


Mikey:  Mystikal is finally a free man after serving 6 years behind bars. Fresh out of Louisiana State Prison, he called into Q93 FM in New Orleans and spoke with host Wild Wayne for his first interview since his release. Props to RapRadar for the rip.

Mystikal Interview w/ Q93 FM
[audio:mystikal rr.mp3]

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