July 2008

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Young Jeezy feat. Jay-Z “Put On”



the clean version

This new version of “Put On” feat. Jay-Z is crazy as would be expected……but what was wrong with the popular Young Jeezy and Young Kanyeezy remix thats been out for mad long? Why not just do a whole new song and make that into another radio monster? Maybe the powers worry about another “Hey Big Spender.” But I think Jeezy commands a different level of attention so that wouldn’t be a problem.


the ” Put On” Jeezy-Yeezy-Jayzee blend (thanks to Obese) lol.

Raekwon gives Uggh.com a short preview of some Cuban Links II rhymes outside of the Rock the Bells show in Mass. Yay.

And KarmaloopTV talks to Raekwon about the status of the mythical OB4CL II too.

but, guess what, Ross, you’re not alone. It’s officially open season on rappers with prison-cell dreams and cavity-search wishes……HipHopDX took a closer look at Plies’ police record.


I think its awesome that Trina and NBA baller Kenyon Martin skated off to beautiful Belize for some business (a local charity basketball tournament and “hip hop peace rally”) and a little pleasure (ahem). It sucks that on their way from the airport, in a police-led motorcade,  their driver (allegedly) rammed into an oncoming minivan. But that’s not Trina and K-Mart’s fault.

However….then Trina’s publicist gave this statement to Allhiphop.

“Trina was in a small fender bender in Belize, yesterday on her way from the airport to a charity basketball event this weekend. She is currently fine, and ‘extremely thankful’ that no one was hurt in the small car accident. She is looking forward to the rest of her weekend on vacation and thankful for everyone’s safety.”

Yeah. That’s great. Enjoy those frozen mango-coladas on the beach!

Um….not to be nit-picky…but we just thought you should know, that actually 2 people were hurt in the car accident. 2 small people. Like 12 and 9 years old small. But they were taken to the hospital where their small bodies will be fixed up in no time. No….no….don’t get up. You’ll lose your cabana.


How could you and K-Mart realize if any (really young, quite tiny) people were injured? Especially since you and your man were immediately whisked away (with your luggage) from the scene of the accident.


More of Trina and Kenyon’s vacation slides after the jump…..



DMX “Soldier” (sent by Futurestar)

ok, I can’t focus on the main part of this new DMX “Soldier” song, even though I know its timely…..because I’m fixated confounded….haunted by the 68 seconds at the end of this song.


What is really going on here? Is this multi-lingual? Who is DMX yelling at? And no, I don’t “know the rest.” What is the rest!?!

I am also making a conscious decision to not address the “saddle” “reins” talk at the end. Its a mental health-preservation move on my part. Please respect my choice.

Now I need to lay down.

Colbert breaks down Nas and MoveOn.Org and ColorofChange.Org’s anti-Fox News petition….

Colbert interviews Nas

Nas performs Sly Fox

Nas does what we talked about here……nice!

I usually dont post flyers, but these are my friends, so come thru if you’re out and about in NYC tomorrow


These guys are friends of my friend Jesse, and I like the cut of their happy/fun-loving jib, lol. I apologize in advance for overgeneralizing, but given the choice between going to a indie-showcase way over there……or going to a shootout at a sardine can around the corner…..I’d have to choose…..ehh, who am I kidding, I’d probably choose watching old re-runs of Top Gear on BBC-America at my cousin’s. But my point is…unless you’re invited to those exclusive backyard celebufests with a list-nazi and a strip-search, its not easy to be a rap fan on a budget in NYC. Either you sweat it out in the park, or you stay on your toes at the club.

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