August 2007

I got a call from someone, hinting that after the historic Screamfest NYC show, where TI brought out Jay-Z and Kanye, while 50 Cent and Diddy ran onstage to share, limelight….these human franchises continued the momentum by moving on to the studio.

From what I hear, 50, Diddy, Jay-Z and Kanye all recorded verses for a remix to “I Get Money.” But with this much starpower involved, there’s more diplomatic negotiation to deal with than a UN Peace Treaty. Who gets first shine? When will this song get released? Who does it benefit the most? Will both Kanye and 50 get dibs on the record?…….These questions need to be addressed…because, for example, it wouldn’t make sense for Kanye to help promote 50’s project.

But maybe Jay-Z could make everyone promise that the remix doesnt get released until after Sept. 11th….that might solve the problem, right? ;

Now I have a feeling that only 3 out of the 4 artists will end up on the official release, but that’s still a huge deal. And knowing how the web works, that lost 4th verse will end up out in the world at some point….just maybe after September….um….18th. (hint hint)

thank you to all the folks who emailed me at or with their Screamfest stories. I definitely appreciate it….

Here’s a few more videos from audience members. This is the best one I’ve seen so far….right when Kanye walks out to perform with Jay-Z and TI, you see 50 run out and start doing his laps around the stage. Very telling, lol….

And here’s a video of 50’s appearance with Ciara.

Goes to T-pain for telling my girl Angie Martinez that artists better stop using autotuner (that’s the voicebox effect that T-Pain uses to , err, “enhance” his singing skills and make him sound like a robot) “without his permission.” He goes on to say that everyone made fun of him for using autotuner but now they’re copying him. “They know who they are….some rappers are doing it too.” T-Pain then says that its okay, but he better be getting paid for it.

Click here to listen to the fuzzy math.

[audio:tpain clip.mp3]

What? You’re a clown for that. Here’s four words. Roger. Troutman. Teddy. Riley…….oh here’s another. Cher. That’s five. Check them out on itunes.

*and by ass, I mean, jackass, mule, donkey, etc. Not ass as in Kim Kardassian : )

I mentioned this interesting clip of BowWow and Omarion from the Suckafree blog in my radio reports, but here is the link online. Its that much more ironic after last night’s heartstopper.

Click here to hear BowWow say “There will never be a Scream tour without The Dog and the Prince of R&B (Omarion)….I dont care if they get ‘Baracka Obama'”

Um, no, they didnt get “Baracka” Obama….they just got Kanye, TI, 50, Diddy, Jay-Z, Swizz, and Ciara onstage at the same time instead. Oy.

big up to my girl Andrea Duncan-Mao at SuckerFree MTV’s blog.

Wow, talk about a show to end all shows. Tonite, Madison Square Garden saw a legendary moment….

At the Screamfest (of all friggin’ places!?!), during T.I.’s final set, he performed his hits like “Rubberband Man” and “Bring ‘Em Out,” but then….in the words of my homie for life, Shaheem Reid from MTV News

“Tip started another cut from his album, “Watch What You Say.” After the first verse, a banner of Jay-Z’s hands throwing up the dynasty sign rolled down the back of the stage.

Jay-Z then began to stroll down a long runway, to the main stage, in the middle of the Garden. The crowd must not have believe its eyes, because there was no reaction at first…The audience went wild.

After “Watch What You Say,” … As Kanye West’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” started to play, ‘Ye himself walked slowly from the runway to the main stage. During all this, 50 ran to the stage from another part of the venue — seemingly unplanned, because Jay and T.I. both looked a little surprised.

But there were no incidents and no signs of rivalries — as Kanye rapped, 50 ran around the stage like he was doing a victory lap, stopping along the way to bump shoulders and say what’s up to Tip, ‘Ye and Jay. Then, out of nowhere, Diddy ran up and got onstage with them. Although the audience was rocking to West, the spectacle of seeing everybody together onstage — especially the two guys who have been hyping their September 11 in-store showdown — on one stage at the same time took precedence They were all smiling and dancing and genuinely enjoying the camaraderie.”


Just when you start wondering if these stars are missing the point, they surprise you by showing that they get it. They work for you. The fans. Merry Christmas

I love how at the end of the show, 50 still made sure to yell out “I run New York” before leaving the stage. Just had to get the last word in, right? And yes, he did perform with Ciara earlier in the show. Also, big up to Kanye for showing love to 50 despite the rumors that he’s dropping a diss song before Sept11th. Thats being the bigger man. Diddy had absolutely no reason to be there but, hey, he was only hip hop artist big enough to handle MSG ten years ago, so he probably still has time left on his stage pass. Also, Swizz followed up the moment by coming on to rock “Money in the Bank,” which kept the crowd’s high going.

Make sure you check out Shaheem’s evocative account of the history-making night at, and also check out Walik Gorshon’s flicks. Up top and below are some favorites….

PS: somewhere, out there, tonite, Bowwow is in a corner, rocking back in forth, in a fetal position. His tour and his girl? Cruel cruel world.

Yay, thank you DAT for sending me your youtube video from the concert. If anyone else has one, please pass it on. Much love!

UPDATE #2: wait a minute, lol…..according to my girl Nema, 50 made the “off-with-your-head” sign with his hand onstage and pointed to Kanye, hahaha. And looking at this very jumpy footage that Nahright linked to, does it look like 50 was doing laps around the stage while Kanye was performing with Hov, to distract from them? Thoughts?

Also, Sandra Rose spotted more great pics and review details from the show at

well, according to everyone, Foxy showed up this morning at court for a probation hearing, and the judge violated her parole, handed her over to the custody of state….meaning, she will have to sit in jail until her next court date on Sept 7th. Not that long of a time, but who knows what will happened after that. Foxy is on probation for attacking a nail salon employee who wouldnt give her a rap-star freebie. The judge violated her parole because in the past few months, Foxy has be arrested for attacking a beauty supply store employee in Florida, and arrested for driving violations in New Jersey. That’s not including last week’s alleged assault on a neighbor with a blackberry.

Here’s a quote from TMZ’s source:

“A source tells TMZ that Foxy’s face was “priceless” when the judge handed down her decision, and that Brown and her lawyer had not expected to see jail time. It has yet to be determined where Brown will be held, but Brown was booked at Manhattan Criminal Court and handed over to authorities.”

Oh and the best/worst part is…..Foxy says she’s 3-months pregnant and getting married. sigh…..

this is my old pal Jsmooth’s new vlog. Here J (who has I believe the longest running hiphop radio show in new york, call the Underground Railroad on WBAI) breaks down the whole Bill O’Reilly vs Nas riddikulus-ness.

I missed this year’s Ozone Awards to go to Tokyo, but somehow I think my eyes are still recovering from some of the fashion crimes I witnessed at last year’s inaugural event. Anyways, I didnt hear too many horror stories, besides the sad Granddaddy Souf beatdown (sucked to be you, homie), but I was wondering about the behind the scenes drama.

I’m gonna ask my girl Julia Beverly, the HCIC over at Ozone, for the dish …and I’ll let you know if Fat Joe and Weezy were really diva-bitches on the red carpet, but for now, here’s a hilarious recap from Ozone editor, Randy Exclusive, that was posted on HHNLive. Loved it.

Favorite quotes:

Who The Fuck Do You Think You Are Award: Young Jeezy

Da Snowman showed up at the awards and this negro brought every muthafucka from Atlanta, dressed them in CTE t-shirts and expected to get all of them into the awards show for free. EIGHTY FUCKING PEOPLE!!! Dude, USDA has three members. Where the hell do you think you’re going?

Are You Here To Watch Award: Security

I can’t remember the name of the security team (but it’s not like I plan to hire them for anything). They were dressed in bowties and black suits, so I’m pretty sure they were some kinda Nation of Islam affiliates but these brothers didn’t secure a damn thing. They let anyone with a gold chain on get backstage and they spent most of the time trying to sell bean pies and Final Call newspapers.

You Know You Really Didn’t Win That Award Award: Rich Boy

Somehow when the award for Club Banger of the Year was announced, the envelope with the winner was misplaced, so the presenters pretty much just freestyled the winner. Rich Boy’s “Throw Some D’s” was announced as the winner…um, yeah…we’re gonna need that award back, bro. You really didn’t win. Jim Jones did.

(here’s a photo of Hurricane Chris at the Ozone Awards from Nigel’s Realtalkny site. I’m scared for/of that little kid with him.)

Here’s a clip that Omar sent me of Kanye on the London-based Friday Night Project show…..which looks like a great series, by the way…..I love how Kanye does his own lil’ comedy bit in the beginning of the interview. Saturday Night Live, y’all are so late on this guy. ‘Ye needs to host the season opener.

Anyways, after his stand-up routine, Kanye talks about the 9-11 showdown, and wins big with his “50, please don’t retire when I beat you” stance. Genius. Killin’ em softly.

On another note, my boy Shaheem over at MTV News told me that big brother actually played him Kanye’s album recently. And that it is, despite what some idiot at a london gossip rag said, an amazing piece of work. Can’t wait. Interestingly, over here in Tokyo, Kanye’s album drops 6 days earlier than in the US.

(obviously this photo has nothing to do with the song, I just think its funny. It was on a gamers messageboard. Nerds with humor=some kind of awesome)

This new song “Part-Time Lover” reminds me of that song on his first big mixtape, “I Smell P—y”, which seemed like a song about girls but it had these random defamatory Murder Inc choruses thrown in. Kinda hilarious. “Part-Time Lover” seems like a song about a jumpoff, but 50 throws in these random digs at his favorite targets like Weezy, Fat Joe, and of course Ja Rule.

As for the part about Ciara….that part was funny to me too, because 50 kinda confirms and denies his Ciara ties at the same time. He mentions the Ciara rumors on the radio (ha!) and then confirms the Atlanta move (double ha!). One thing about this whole 50 vs Kanye showdown….these two guys are so much alike in so many ways. And both are totally entertaining. In both good and bad ways.

click to listen to “Part-Time Lover”

[audio:01 Part Time Lover.mp3]

Also, the Team OnSmash folks sent me their new 50 Cent video interview, with more clips to come. Congrats guys. Big look. I like when 50 breaks down the shady tactics of the music biz. The rumors of Def Jam’s buying albums have been circulating for years. Maybe 50 will end up teaching in his golden years, lol.

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