Yuna’s the latest budding star to be featured on Billboard’s Candid Covers, where the 25-year-old singer/songwriter performed an intimate acoustive live session. Along with performing her own single “Live Your Life,” Yuna covered one of her favorite songs influential to her music career, “I Miss You” by Incubus. Below, she explains the importance and memories that song providers to her and the country she grew up in, Malaysia.

“I grew up in Malaysia, and all the kids there, they love Incubus. And ‘I Miss You’ is kind of like one song everybody knows. When I listen to ‘(I Miss You),’ I just remember the fun times and the moments I had with my bandmates who are like a really strong support system and a group of you know, amazing friends. I’m just really glad at the end of the day like I have them still, supporting me.”

Watch Yuna’s acoustic session and interview with Billboard below….

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