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YouTube may have provided Internet sensations like Lil B and RiFF RaFF with a home to flourish, but the web giant will soon be laying down the law and shutting down indie artists who don’t sign up to their new paid streaming service.

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In a scheme to increase their already sizable revenue, the new service will charge people to watch and listen to music without ads, as well as download songs to their mobile devices. YouTube has already negotiated license agreements with more than 90 percent of artists, including the three major labels — Sony, Warner and Universal. However, many indie labels say they’ve been offered deals with less favorable and non-negotiable terms, and have therefore yet to sign.

That means videos from A-List acts and bands including Adele, Jack White and Arctic Monkeys are in danger of simply being wiped off the face of YouTube — “within days,” according to Forbes. Of course, you can still watch your favorite indie music videos elsewhere, but it’s not quite the same is it?

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