your old droog

If Troy Ave is “restoring the feeling” (© Jayceon Taylor) of early ’00s New York street rap, then Your Old Droog is a lost relic from the Rotten Apple’s project hallway prime. The 24-year-old Coney Island MC crept on the scene back in April with “Nutty Bars” — a filthy slice of lyricism with more rhymes than you can chew on — and now he’s back with his debut self-titled EP. It’s a fairly brief introduction at only 10 tracks long, but that’s all the time you need to see that Droog is one of the most natural spitters you’ll hear in your life. Listen to this on the subway and you might just come out the other end in the year ’93.

Peace to Nah Right and Timmhotep for putting us on.

Stream and download below…

DOWNLOAD: Your Old Droog EP