The Rick Ross and Jeezy fued has been brought the ringer enough times. I think these final comments from the Snowman can put everything to bed once and for all. During his Rapfix interview, Jeezy explained that the subliminals and perceived friction between them was never any real “beef.”

“With rap, it’s a funny thing. You can say things, and people can take ’em the way they wanna take ’em,” Jeezy said, addressing “Death B4 Dishonor.” “But in my mind, in my heart, I just killed the verse. If I killed the verse and you took it personally, then that’s on you.”

Finally, Jeezy said he didn’t take things seriously after bumping into Ross at the BET Hip Hop Awards, where the Miami rapper declined to exchange any words with him. “I felt like it was about selling records,” Jeezy said. “It’ not about you about me. We could’ve stepped in the corner and chopped it up. So right then and there, I knew it was about records, so I was cool with it.”

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“I hear things; the streets talk. I’m hearing he reaching out to [Big] Meech and trying to get him to speak bad — that’s my brother,” Jeezy said of the Black Mafia Family drug dealer. “When you’re trying to bring the streets into rap to prove a point, then you already lost. You separate the two, and that ain’t to be played with. You’ve got people that lost their lives and people that are doing real time. If we gon’ make music, let’s just make music.”

“I feel like the whole started thing from a clip on WorldStarHipHop, and my thing was, if I’m a boss and you a boss, let’s sit down and be bosses,” he said. “You take a clip that somebody edited and run with that? What part of the game is that? If you felt like that, hit me up, let’s chop it up, we bosses.”

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