Less than 24 hours after the world heard Gucci Mane express his disappointment in former allies Nicki Minaj, French Montana, and Yo Gotti, the King of Memphis has spoken out. In a new interview with K97’s Devin Steel, Gotti talked openly about his side in this newly revealed “Gucci Mane Beef.” Ultimately, Yo Gotti says he’s disappointed that Gucci reacted this way because he thought they were homeboys outside of the music industry. He explains how they spoke about the situation prior to the mixtapes dropping, and thought everything was gravy when Gotti changed his release to 10/18.

“It’s a funny situation. First of all, I do my music and I don’t keep up with what other people are doing. When I’m locked in the studio, I ain’t walking around with a laptop, no ipad. It’s just my phone.”

“It came down to me and homie dropping on the same day. I didn’t know it in the beginning. I found out probably a day or two later. But once I found out, because he supposed to be my homeboy, I hit his phone immediately. I’m thinking like ‘we about to shut it down.  Me and him coming out on the same day, it’s a wrap.’ So I hit him. He ain’t hit me back. So I’m thinking maybe he got a different number. You know n*ggas change numbers all the time.”

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“Last minute, we in the lab and we heard about the tweet. I immediately hit his phone, like “what’s up, homey you good?” And you know we chopped it up. Long story short, I realized homey had an issue for whatever reason it was, with his free music and my free music coming out on the same day. I didn’t really get it but off the strength of me feeling like he’s my homeboy I said ‘cool, do your thing, have your day, I’ll come out tomorrow.’ It don’t matter to me I’ll come out at 13 O’clock in the morning. Yo Gotti gonna do what Yo Gotti gonna do.”

Gotti claims Gucci’s own people were hitting him to let him know what was going down.

“I’m more disappointed than anything. I heard about the record last night. I ain’t heard the record but I heard about itat like 3 am.”

“To me, at the end of the day, I’m more disappointed in him than anything because I looked at him differently. What I perceived him is not what played out. I thought [he] was a stand up, straight up guy and street dudes don’t handle business like that.”

Gotti also claims Gucci’s people told him that Trap God’s plan is to keep dissing people until they react, and that Gucci feels this is a way to boost his sales and show money… hmmm.

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