yg fdt

YG and Nipsey Hussle take their anti-Trump anthem to the streets in the video for “FDT.” The clip opens with a message from the Cali rappers urging young people to “exercise our intelligence and choose who leads us into 2016 wisely” before the pair lead a protest in the streets, packed with anti-Trump signs and both blue and red rags. Who said conscious rap was dead?

Watch below…

Unsurprisingly, the “FDT” video shoot didn’t go down without some opposition from the LAPD, though. According to TMZ, officers in riot gear shut down the shoot, where more than 100 people had gathered. However, police were reportedly unaware a music video was being filmed.

“Thatโ€™s the type of shit that we was gonna have to deal with,” YG told Complex about the incident. “This is real hip-hop. This is what this shit is built off of-talking about the culture and whatโ€™s going on and putting it out there to make a difference. Let motherfuckers know, we out here.”

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