The Grammy Family is about to heat things up again with new projects from Pusha T and Big Sean. We’ve been hearing about Pusha’s Wrath of Caine mixtape since November when he announced it at a show. And, P is making sure we don’t forget. Just this week, he let loose with the artwork, along with another viral trailer released today and a new verse on Gillie Da Kid’s new single. He also had a few interesting things to say in his latest Village Voice interview. Guess who his favorite rapper of the moment is.

So who’s your favorite rapper right now at this exact moment?
Favorite rapper? Jay-Z. No wait. I take that back. ???? is my favorite rapper right now.

Get the answer, Listen to his new track with Gillie, and check out more from Pusha’s interview after the jump…

ANSWER: Andre 3000

What are some producers you work with who give ‘Ye and Pharrell a run for their money?
I think P and ‘Ye are two of the greats, but I do feel like there are certain producers who I can go to for hot peer of what they do. NoID is one of them. He can give you the purest level of hip-hop and still be current. Every aspect of true Hip Hop will be incorporated into a beat and it will still sound fresh and new. I feel like Nottz is a sample king. We have a crazy record together. Just Blaze gives you the cinematic joint. He gives you the climax of the movie every time. Some wouldn’t consider them super producers but I do.

Plus you’re a Grammy nominated artist now. What’s that feel like? Do you place importance on it or nah?
I guess it’s fresh. It’d be fresher if I was nominated for my own song (laughs). Nah I’ve never been apart of something like this so I’m happy to be a part of it. It’s something… It’s great for G.O.O.D. Music.

What’d you think of some of the other nominees?
Looking at the nominees I really like the music. I remember when I was young the Grammy rappers would be like Young MC. He would be a nominee and I would be at home wishing Rakim would be nominated. Now it’s Hov, Ye, Lupe, 2 Chainz… it’s people who really make good music and music that I hear in my settings.

Think the Grammy committee is just better versed now in hip-hop?
No, but the board can’t deny good hip-hop anymore. A lot of good rap used to be over shadowed by sales and the commerciality of it. Now a good percentage of the Rap nominations are good.

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