Rap beef is rap beef….only acceptable when done well, and clever.

I’m not even watching the part about Joe’s girl b/c y’all already know how I feel about that tactic. Tacky. Plus, I was done @ “If you run with Joe Budden….you’re a, you’re a geek. You might as well whip out the pen protector, you’re a f-n nerd.”

Ok, well, you might want to find a friendly neighborhood nerd to wipe that grease off your man’s cameraphone lens.

I’m just sayin’.

(and I notice that while throwing Royce and Charles Hamilton (?) under the bus…the guy neglected to make mention of that other member of the Slaughterhouse team. Hi, Block Royal!)

Also in the final four: Jaz-O buys a cake, pays extra to have it decorated? Just to diss Jay-Z

And add this one in too: Katt Williams rapping about Rickey Smiley ugh!