Mysonne Vs. E. Ness

It went down last in Harlem – 8 emcees, a crowded room full of rowdy spectators, and a lot of tough talk = a money fueled rap battle sponsored by the World Series of Hip-Hop.

Round 1 – Undercard 10k

T-Rex (NY) vs. Tech 9 (Philly)

Round 2 – 25k

Murda Mook (NY) vs. Young Hot (Philly)

Round 3 – 25k

Lady Luck (NJ) vs. Rece Steele (NY)

Round 4 – Main Event – 25k

Mysonne (NY) vs. E. Ness (Philly)

Reminiscent of Smack DVD and Fight Klub’s glory days, both Philly and New York’s best battle rhymers sparked some excitement back into the ill-fated rap battle. But judge for yourselves, really though the winners are yet to be determined and will be decided by the fans. Hit up World Series of hip hop to vote.

Philly’s Tech 9 surprised a lot of NY heads and gave the more experienced T-Rex a run for his money. There were defintely more then a few beards in the building, but Murda Mook ate new comer Young Hot like a Philly cheesteak, and possibly had the most entertaning rhymes of the night. As for the ladies, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Lady Luck barely had to break a sweat for this one, peep. The real nail-biter was Mysonne vs. Ness, and even with my view while balancing on top of 2 chairs next to Joe Budden, I think a several more replays are still needed for my verdict.

(All the battles after the jump)

T-Rex vs. Tech 9

Murda Mook vs. Young Hot

Lady Luck vs. Rece Steele