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Last week, I posted a song by Alfamega called “I Apologize” as well as a letter to go with it. The song nor the letter addressed Alfa’s infamous falling out with T.I., but the very name of the song along with the timing, lead folks to wonder….was this a subliminal message to Alfa’s former Grand Hustle captain?

Well today, Alfamega’s rep reached out to assure folks that the song “had nothing to do with T.I. in no way shape or fashion,” and, in fact…

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“I Apologize” was recorded “earlier this year, before any of the current situations came about.” And by “current situations,” they mean the Smoking Gun expose, and subsequent ex-communication from Grand Hustle.

Now, Alfamega also wanted folks to know that while it’s true that he was recently in jail….he was not locked up because of a parole or probation violation….and that as of now: “Alfa is out…he is still recovering from his injuries and working to the best of his abilities right now.

Thanks to Reek for the clarification and the update. No matter what you think of Alfamega, I still think its only right to keep his story accurate.