(Wiz and Info discuss his ‘Best New Artist’ Nomination)

Mikey: MTV/Westwood1 invited Miss Info and I to Los Angeles to cover the VMAs which airs live this Sunday from the Nokia Center. On Friday, Info and I talked to all the artists in town for the festivities at the official radio forum. You can hear the backstage reports on HOT97.

Best New Artists Nominee, Wiz Khalifa came by and Info had to ask him about the odd combination of artists up for that category this year. Wiz has been putting out music for years and had a major deals since 2007, but somehow he got put in the Best New Artist pile. Meanwhile, he’s up against Big Sean, Foster For The People, Kreayshawn, and Tyler, the Creator. They all seem well suited for the award, except for maybe Kreayshawn, who is nominated despite never having put out a mixtape or an album. So, “New” means 1 hit song…but it also means 3 full albums?? But Wiz doesn’t mind at at all. He’s just happy to nominated at all. Watch one of the nicest, most laidback, artists in the game explain it to Miss Info (above).

MissInfo: Speaking of the VMA radio forum, there were all types of folks there. We spotted Bai Ling, and Stephen Dorff…even Rebecca Black! But one of the bizarro highlights was when former MTV VMA stage crasher Lil Mama ran up on us during the radio forum…
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Mikey: We ran into Lil Mama wandering around the radio room and she was extremely proud of her “shield” outfit. I guess it’s for protection? I was really kinda of shocked to see her there, honestly I thought she was banned after she made VMA history in 2009

MissInfo: Um, she was actually really nice, considering how I’ve skewered her for years, lol. She said I was “a mess” for that. But passed it off as my job. (I don’t necessarily agree that my jokes were out of professional duty, lol). As for her unique outfit, she said it’s by a design named Merlin. I mentioned that it reminded me of a Pepperidge Farm Chessman cookie.

Screen shot 2011-08-27 at 4.51.28 PM

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