Through a written letter to his fans yesterday, Wiz Khalifa admitted Rolling Papers wasn’t his best work. While many critics agreed, Wiz still had a breakout 2011. For that he originally landed at #8 on MTV’s “Hottest MCs in the Game VII” list. But after a brief debate, the majority won and Wiz got bumped to #9 in favor of Big Sean.

The criteria to be considered a Hottest MC are based on a combination of factors: impact, buzz, sales, lyrics, swag and the intangibles. The Taylor Gang captain meets all of them. His impact was huge, just look at the way veteran artists like Snoop and Juicy J lined up to collaborate with the youngster. Wiz’s buzz kept him a part of the overall 2011 hip-hop conversation and he notched impressive sales numbers. Khalifa also has a strong sense of style, as seen in his New York Times style magazine feature last September. And his relationship with Amber Rose kept him in the tabloids, adding an intangible element to his growing celebrity.

via MTV

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