While it looks like Amber Rose is about 14 months pregnant at this point, lovebirds Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose told TMZ that they’re due to have their first baby in around 5 weeks. And for all those squares who heard Amber refer to Wiz as her “husband” a few days ago and went into a tizzy about a secret wedding, Wiz calmly explains that sometimes, men and women use terms like “wifey” and “hubby”….without official licensing! *gasp*

But apparently, they are still trying to get that piece of paper before Amber delivers. What exactly are they waiting for? This woman will need to be forklifted to city hall soon.

Watch Wiz and a glowing but very very expanded Amber Rose…
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  1. skateboard hector Says:

    Im sorry, but Amber looks stank!

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