Well, this is a surprise! We know that Will Smith was toying with the idea of getting back in the booth, but we didn’t expect to hear him rapping again so soon — especially not on a song with Bomba Estéreo (who?) With his first verse in a decade, Big Willie jumps on the official remix to the Colombian band’s dance hit “Fiesta.” Proving that he hasn’t lost a step on the mic, Will Smith mixes it up by rapping in both English and Spanish. Honestly, it sounds like he’s having fun again.

Listen below…

How did this obscure collaboration come about exactly? According to Rolling Stone, Will stumbled across the band’s music on a recent trip to Colombia and reached out to them. “When I was told that Will Smith wanted to collaborate on a remix with Bomba, I couldn’t believe it,” said band member Simon Mejia. “This opportunity to work with Will was beyond anything we have dreamed of… It’s just magic.”

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Will Smith was also spotted in the studio with Kanye West earlier this year, so let’s hope there’s more where this came from.

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