RATKING’s Wiki just stepped out with his first solo project Lil Me, and it’s a perfect example of why you wait until the end of December to drop your End of Year lists. The 17-track effort is a rap nerd’s wet dream, with production from Madlib, KAYTRANADA, Harry Fraud, Skywlkr and RATKING’s in-house beat maker Sporting Life, plus guest spots from Antwon, Nasty Nigel and Grime don Skepta, who’s having a big year of his own. However, this is Wiki’s moment and he makes it clear he’s the rawest MC in New York right now.

Stream and download below…

Wiki Lil Me Tracklisting:

1. WikiFlag (pt.1 prod. Madlb / pt.2 prod. Sporting Life)
2. Livin’ with My Moms [ft. Nasty Nigel] (prod. Black Noi$e)
3. Seedy Motherfucker (prod. Black Mack)
4. Hit the L [ft. Hak] (prod. Sporting Life)
5. Old Blocks New Kids [ft. Jadasea] (prod. Sporting Life & Isaiah Barr)
6. Cherry Tree [ft. Micachu] (prod. Micachu & Sporting Life)
7. God Bless Me [ft. Sporting Life & Skepta] (prod. Skywlkr)
8. Club Shit (prod. DJ Lucas)
9. Lil Me (prod. Sporting Life)
10. 3 Stories (prod. Kaytranada)
11. Whole Half [ft. Antwon & Jesse James Solomon] (prod. Yung Gutted)
12. Sunday School Dropout [ft. Hak] (prod. Harry Fraud)
13. Patience [ft. Antwon] (prod. Sporting Life)
14. Crib Tax (prod. Kaytranada)
15. Ioneedmuch [ft. Teddy AF] (prod. Sporting Life)
16. Sonatine [ft. Slicky Boy] (prod. Lee Bannon)
17. Sun Showers [ft. Teddy AF] (prod. Black Mack)

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