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When you first heard Rihanna’s lead-off Unapologetic single “Diamonds,” perhaps you wondered…hmm, Rihanna sounds a bit different here, especially around the hook area. Maybe it reminded you of LDR, or Yukimi….or if your ear was especially sharp, Australian pop singer/songwriter Sia…because Sia wrote the song, and clearly referenced it for Riri. Even if you don’t recognize Sia by face or name, you’ve heard her plaintive killer voice on those huge songs that play in Vegas dance clubs or on Gray’s Anatomy etc. I loved her tearjerker “My Love” on the The Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack too. (yup. owning that one)

So at the recent Norwegian-American Achievement Awards, Sia sang a stripped down, ballad-version of “Diamonds”….and murdered it.

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Sia sings “Diamonds,” the song she wrote for Rihanna’s Unapologetic album. Her version might not have been the number-one hit that Rihanna’s has become, but the vocals…wow! Does Sia also say at the end that she sings the hook on Rihanna’s version? That’s a relief. All this time I thought Rihanna was affecting a new voice there.

I think Rihanna’s been improving her pipes too though. Here’s her rendition of “Diamonds” at Webster Hall last week, after that endurance rally 777 Tour aka Rap Argo aka Blogger Alive.

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